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Looking for help?

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Playground Markings

Benefits of The Daily Mile™

Our thermoplastic ‘The Daily Mile™’ tracks are a great solution and perfect for playgrounds. The benefits of ‘The Daily Mile™’ on tarmac are vast, from its flexibility in the design, to the cost-effective nature of thermoplastic markings.

Let’s look at the benefits of ‘The Daily Mile™’ for children, teachers and parents and why it is a must for all school playgrounds.

The Daily Mile

The Benefits of ‘The Daily Mile™’

Children of all ages

• It improves mental health and general wellbeing
• It is all-inclusive; every child can be a participant
• It improves physical fitness and in turn encourages and develops new relationships
• It gives children a sense of achievement
• It can reduce anxiety and help with everyday stress
• It is non-competitive, and is not seen as a sport so children don’t feel pressure and like they’re in a race

Daily Mile Logo


• It only takes 15 minutes on average, so not much time away from the classroom
• Students will come back to class energised and refreshed
• It improves students’ fitness, allowing them to better succeed at PE
• There is no training needed
• There is no equipment to set up
• It can focus students, and behavioural habits can be improved

Daily Mile Logo


• It helps your child to sleep better and also encourages better eating
• It makes your child more active and promotes physical activity outside of school
• It is safe and secure for every child
• It can also help towards tackling obesity and improves overall general health

What type of Daily Mile track for our school?

There are many Daily Mile playground marking options when it comes to choosing what you want to go in the playground. We are flexible when it comes to designs and colours, and will guide you through the design process. Feel free to enquire today and book your free site visit, where we can measure out ‘The Daily Mile™’ track and send you a visual on your playground.

The Daily Mile Logo and the ‘The Daily Mile™’ name are trademarks belonging to The Daily Mile Foundation, Hawkslease, Chapel Lane, Lyndhurst, UK. Reproduced with permission. All rights reserved.

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