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Looking for help?

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Playground Markings

Playground Markers

Playground Markers

Signet Play offer a wide range of playground markings for your school playground / outdoor play / play area playground project.

Playground Marker Benefits

We also offer a site survey service, where we will come and meet you at your school to discuss your playground marking ideas, and offer our expertise. At this stage it’s a great idea to get the children involved as they know playground games and markings they’ll enjoy during their play times. With a combination of the childrens feedback, your wishes and our expertise in playground design we will be off to a great start. Playground markings are not the cheapest items and so we try to ensure that we include as many of the following many benefits in your playgrounds as possible.

  1. Enhance play
  2. Develop social skills through fun
  3. Promote physical activity
  4. Educate children through play
  5. Promote outdoor learning
  6. Are exciting and include bespoke designs where appropriate
  7. Non-toxic and extremely durable even in high traffic areas.
  8. Are suitable for the age range (primary school / junior school / secondary schools and nurseries).

As you can see from the list of playground markings above, there are a lot of benefits to our range of thermoplastic playground markings. This is why we believe it’s a good idea to contact us and one of our dbs checked friendly team will be more than happy to discuss all our markings and how we can help create fun and educational playground designs unique to your school.

What do we offer your school?

Having been around a long time, est 1971, we’ve earned an enviable reputation for outstanding customer service (our google reviews are currently 4.9/5.0) with our common sense approach. With us you’re more than a number and we genuinely enjoy working to create playground markings for schools which are exciting and exceed your expectations. Where possible we always recommend a site survey so that we can address any issues with the school playground surface and ensure all the markings fit within the intended space. We’ve yet to find any schools which didn’t find our site survey service useful.

  • Expert installation. (We don’t use subcontractors)
  • Long lasting finish which is extremely durable
  • High quality thermoplastic materials with a huge range of colours
  • In house creative department which can create designs for the perfect solution
  • A colourful playground design sent to you shows the markings, helping to paint a picture of how the playground surface will look.
  • Markings which, promote physical activity, are educational and… the kids have fun using them!
  • Anti-slip throughout the thermoplastic markings so as they wear, they’re still non-slip.
  • Traditional playground games
  • Bespoke playground markings (designed just for you)
  • Number games, maps, exercise tracks, daily mile, literacy, learning, classroom and road safety markings

Our bespoke school playground markings are available in a variety of colours and designs to suit your needs, and we also offer a thermoplastic playground marking service. We understand that every school is different, so we offer a bespoke service to ensure that your playground markings are exactly what you want.

What are the best playground markings?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the specific needs and preferences of each school. However, Signet Play has a wealth of experience in supplying bespoke school playground markings and our Google reviews speak for themselves. We also offer a site survey service where we will come and meet you at your school to discuss your playground marking ideas and offer our expertise. School playground designs are also provided. All of our school playground markings come with a guarantee as standard.

So if you’re looking for the best playground markings, look no further than our school playground markings catalogue.
If you’re after some inspiration we also have a blog post on playground marking ideas.

Do you have a guide to playground markings?

Yes, we have a comprehensive guide to playground markings that outlines all of the different options available, as well as providing helpful tips and advice on planning and designing your own school playground markings. Our team of experts are also on hand to offer a free site survey and consultation service, where we will visit your school to discuss your requirements in person. We can also provide bespoke school playground designs to suit your specific needs. All of our school playground markings come with a guarantee as standard.

To find out more about our playground marking services, or to request a free quote, please contact us today.

Do you make thermoplastic playground markings for primary schools?

Signet Play has extensive expertise in developing and installing unique playground markings for primary schools, nurseries, junior schools, and other educational institutions. We also provide a site visit service, during which we will meet with you at your school to talk about your thoughts and offer professional guidance. The thermoplastic designs can be tailored to suit any age range. Some markings are best aimed for children of a certain age of course, for example you wouldn’t want a full size netball court in a nursery but we are very familiar with thermoplastic markings for the primary school age range.

How are playground markings applied?

The thermoplastic material is heated up until in a liquid like form. At this point they’re covered in an anti-slip coating to ensure the markings are safe to use by the children 1hr after cooling down and then throughout the school break times / day. For more detailed information on how we install thermoplastic playground markings in playgrounds (and thermoplastic road markings in other outdoor space) please contact us.

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