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Playground Markings

Playground Paint vs Thermoplastic Playground Markings

This is a frequently asked question for Signet Play, therefore it’s worth comparing the two – playground paint or thermoplastic playground markings?

We, of course, know the answer, but when choosing the best option for a playground, it’s worth knowing the differences between the two.


Tri Hopscotch

Markings are one of the best ways to keep a busy active playground all year round, and with busy feet come wear and tear. Paint isn’t weatherproof and will fade in a shorter space of time compared to thermoplastic playground markings. Thermoplastic playground markings will not lose vibrancy over prolonged periods of heavy weathering, so they will retain their clear lines and colour over long periods of time.

It makes more sense to use playground markings as the maintenance of graphics and lines are greatly reduced, keeping the physical activity all year round.

Ease of Installation

Exercise Track Marking

Playground paint may seem to be easier to install but the truth is that due to how precise the lines need to be, the fluidity of the paint can cause all sorts of problems, such as bleeding edges where it doesn’t seem smooth, and application of the paint isn’t suited to all playground surfaces.

With thermoplastic playground markings, there is little room for error; they can be installed very quickly and placed before becoming permanent, plus they can also be used after just 30 minutes of laying, allowing children to get creative before the bell rings!


Solar System Marking

In the short term, you could argue that playground paint will save you money. However, over time the lines and games will fade faster, while time and money are spent again trying to keep up with the faded paint.

Thermoplastic playground markings will not only keep you from eating into the budget but also save you money over time. Once the thermoplastic markings are set onto the playground, they are durable, vibrant; colours don’t fade within the year and can last up to 10 years or more.

With paint, it can be 6 – 10 months before you are thinking about painting them again. With thermoplastic playground markings, the years of longevity and a 3-year no quibbles guarantee make them a clear winner.

So, the winner is: thermoplastic playground markings

Target Rings

There are of course many other examples of why thermoplastic playground markings is the preferred choice, but don’t just take our word for it – enquire today and book an appointment for a free site visit and we will show you the range of vibrant and creative playground markings we can install.

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