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School Climbing Wall: why is it important?

A school playground climbing wall, also a traverse wall or climbing wall, is a must-have playground feature amongst school children. The wall encourages active and physical play but also gets children to think safely and critically as they navigate footing across and up the wall, building physical strength, motor skills, and coordination.

Benefits to a School Climbing Wall

School Climbing Wall

Confidence: No matter what age you are, nothing boosts confidence or self-esteem like conquering a climbing wall. It is a great way to get over a child’s fear of heights, and overcoming these fears will provide key skills in overcoming mental and physical struggles in life.

Co-ordination: Climbing is an activity that requires the use of the whole body and all muscle groups; whilst climbing the wall, your child will use their coordination to navigate the footings and where to carefully place hands for grip. It really is a great way to improve those motor skills!

Strength, Endurance, and Flexibility: your child will exercise core strength, also using leg and arm muscles and even tiny muscles in the hand, which will help develop endurance and stamina. A school climbing wall also promotes physical flexibility as your child determines which foot to put into which hold or grip.

What type of climbing wall for schools?

The good news here at Signet Play is that we offer a variety of climbing walls that cater for all ages. Here are just some of the types of school climbing walls we can offer:

Jigsaw Traverse Wall (double-sided)

Jigsaw Traverse Wall

The Jigsaw Traverse Wall is colourful, engaging, and perfect for younger school children. Also, as the wall is less than 600m in height, no safety surface is required and it is easily installed in any part of the playground. Using quality, sustainably sourced timber, this comes with a 10-20-year guarantee depending on the specification chosen.

Sleeper Climbing Wall

Sleeper Climb Wall

Constructed using 195m x 95mm sleepers, sleeper climbing walls are a long-lasting product that survives the busy traffic of kids clambering to scale this wall. Great for middle and upper primary, this wall is perfect to start climbing to new heights. At 2340m high, it is brilliant for promoting physical activity and gets the adventure started with school children. It also comes with a 10-20-year guarantee and is made from the finest-quality sourced sustainable timber.

Traverse Weave Combo

Traverse Weave Combo

Why not mix it up and have a Traverse Weave Combo, so a climbing wall and rope play; it encourages children to traverse along with the panels and use different navigational skills whilst moving on to the flexible ropes without touching the ground.

We offer many more types of play equipment that encourages physical activity; please see the enquiry form below to book a free site visit.

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